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An Agile Enterprise enables its people to collaborate seamlessly with both internal and external talent. 

This allows the organization to continuously innovate, bring new products to market quickly as well as rapidly respond to changes in customer preferences.

What Is An Agile Enterprise?

Digital Transformation creates an environment across your business that enables collaboration, accelerates innovation and supports the rapid development of new products and services, all at vastly lower costs than traditional IT. 

We prefer to define digital transformation more simply as "the process through which an organization creates agility within their business." Or, in other words, how they become an 'Agile Enterprise'.

What is Digital Transformation?

Frequently Asked Questions

We've Helped Dozens Of Organizations With Their Digital Transformation

The first step always starts with the 
Enterprise Agility Assessment...

These Four Pillars Represent The Key Characteristics Of An Agile Enterprise

  • The Agility Assessment focuses on these four key characteristics and is designed to capture the current position of your organisation in relation to them.
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The Two Fundamental Success Criteria

Highpoint's experience of delivering transformation for dozens of enterprise clients over the years has taught us many things.

One of the most important lessons learned is that the success of any transformation depends on two fundamental success criteria that are:

1. The ability to define a coherent vision for what transformation means for the business.

2. The ability to successfully execute on that vision.

Recently we developed a comprehensive assessment tool called The Enterprise Agility Assessment. 

The answers to the Enterprise Agility Assessment are scored and plot the position of your organization against these two key success criteria.

Your position will be visually represented on a chart that's designed to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in the digital transformation process.


Digital Transformation

is a business transformation not a technical one.  


In HighPoint's experience

an organisation's success with digital transformation is determined by how agile they are.

The Enterprise Agility Assessment

  • #1 Strategic Business and IT Alignment 

    #2 Technology Adoption 

    #3 Technology Agility 

    #4 Capacity to Drive Transformation
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